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Keyword Research – A Few Tips Which will Insight you On Knowing What Your Audience wants

The keyword research that is done as part of an article, web page, or blog creation is a vitally important skill. To the average newbie, there is nothing more important than this. However if you are creating web pages specifically for SEO or for search engine robots then keyword research is something you really need to get right.

You will want to do extensive research on what keywords and phrases your target audience might be searching for when they type in a search phrase when using a search engine. For example, if you are writing a blog on professional dog voluntarily adjustments and referrals then you will want to get as much data on that as you can. Where you might have your content adjustments might be geared toward the phrases your audience uses rather than the phrases you might use.

There are a number of ways you can accomplish this. One of the easiest ways is to use the Google keyword tool. This tool is about as accurate as you will find on the web. Type in a phrase or keyword and look at the suggestions the tool will provide you. Depending on the phrases that are given you will be able to see how much competition there is and approximately how many searches are performed each month using this phrase.

This can be a great way to find out what phrases are being used and how popular they are. You can modify your search to try and find phrases that are still searched on a monthly basis but are not as popular. Once you have found a number of suitable phrases you can begin writing your content around them.

If you are writing blog posts track your results. If you are using WordPress or Joomla then this is easy to do. One of the best plug-ins for WordPress and Joomla is Google XML Sitemaps. Once you set it up Google will automatically produce a sitemap for your blog. If you are not using either of the software then you will need to download it and install it.

Select about 5 phrases to use and write your posts around them. In your blog posts, headings use the and tags. Make sure you use your phrases in your headings and URL links as well. Google will rate your blog posts higher if you use keywords in any of these areas. Headings, bold text, and anchor text remain the same.

Some keywords you should also try and rank for are misspellings and related spellings. While the phrase is misspelled you can show people exactly what the word is by using the (hyphens) or (underscores) tag. If you can include one or both of these symbols in your post then you should include these phrases in your title as well.

Some keywords require a bit of research to see how much competition there is. If you are writing a blog post you need to check out the numbers with Google AdWords tool. This will give you a good idea of how much people are searching for these keywords. You can also choose keywords that are highly related to your niche to help your blog posts ranks in the search engines.

Making your blog posts resource box short and sweet is another important SEO technique to help your blog to rank high in the search results. You need to have a good title, to begin with. Most people don’t defeat the spiders when they make their titles very long because it is best if they just keep it short. Let’s say you want to make a blog post about the top 10 cars made in each country. You need to come up with a title of something like “Rankings of the Top 10 Cars Made in each Country” or “The Best Cars Made in the UK”. If you can fit these in the title and also have the keyword “cars” in the title then you know that you have a use and you have crossed the necessary line.

If you want to as well target your blog posts as well as articles to rank in the search engines then you will want to write a good SEO Friendly post title. You want to have your keywords possibly be mentioned in the title. You need to include the keyword with the post title. It is also very important with blog posts and web pages to try and maximize the use of keywords. Also, it will make your content more authentic if keywords are used.

Also, you can try to use bold and italics to really emphasize your keywords. Make sure you don’t overdo it and make it look fake.

Meta tag also optimization is very important. It plays a very big role in the optimization of web pages. Make sure to include your top keywords in the keyword meta tag. Also in your meta tag, it should be readable and quantifiable. quantifiable means that you shouldn’t leave it to a guess. Also, you shouldn’t use unnecessary words in your meta tags.

You can also use image alt tags and captions for your images.



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