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Article Marketing for SEO

Any website marketing expert will confirm that “content is king” ( including relevancy and backlinks ) and that is why article marketing has become so popular. Article marketing does use search engine optimization elements to some extent, but an article that lacks content, yet still has relevant keywords, can reach the first page of Google and stay there.

So, how do you write an effective article that will reach the first page of Google? There are a few golden rules or secrets that will help. The first secret is to write in-depth about a specific subject. This ensures that your article will be focused and intense. This method also assures that your article includes in-depth keywords.

The second secret is to appropriately include your keywords throughout your article. As a general rule, you should include your keywords in the title of your article, once in the first paragraph, maybe two or three times in the body of your article, and once in the last paragraph. Keywords should also appear in any image you may use. Viewers of your article will want to know what the image is about. If the image has a keyword in it, then the Sounds like an h1 tag. If it doesn’t, then the HTML tag #jig will appear and you can change it to whichever sounds like the essence of your article. This almost always results in an increased ranking in the Google search engine.

The third secret is to submit your article to the top-rated article directories on the internet. Some of them are even free. Go to sites like Medium and Blogger and submit your article there. Some of these directories are even ranked by Google. Simply go to Google and type in “article submission” and you should be able to find some of the top-ranked directories. Build as many backlinks to your site as possible.

Many webmasters are ducks and bunnies about putting Google backlinks. Quality links are one sure way to LSI. The fourth issue with trying to build your links naturally is that it takes so much time. For example, writing and submitting an article takes seven to nine hundred hours. You can’t write seven to nine hundred articles a day. One, two, and three are too much for any individual. How do you think you will gain if you take three to five hours off work every single day? Your Creativity and productivity will plummet, yet you have to make sure that your article is written by a professional.

This article and five others can be found at no charge on the Internet. All are free and have no editorial value assigned to them. Be sure to include a link to your website whenever possible. Several sites allow you to place your site’s link in your ” Signature.html file. This allows the author and the site owner to individually rotate views which in turn should help to ensure linking websites.

Approaching websites that are on the same level as yours may be beneficial. Obviously, if you are a small business, you will have a lot more trouble getting attention than if you were to approach a large website. More quality links equal more popularity as a website. Although reciprocal links are not valued nearly as much as on large sites, it is always helpful to have. It will help your “visibility” as well. The links will take time to improve your search engine ranking, so implementing a linking program should be done slowly. Link exchanges can be of great benefit, but only if they are of similar content to your own. Quality links will improve your search engine ranking and increase your “visibility”. These are the types of links that every website needs to have.

All of the links listed above require a balance between quantity and quality. You simply need to have enough link popularity, but you also need to have quality links. Too many irrelevant links will actually decrease your search engine ranking, but too few good-quality links will also cause you to drop in the ranking. The same is true for reciprocal links. You don’t want to go overboard with these, or your search engine ranking will decrease. A good way to have a balance is to include links related to your content and those that are relevant to your website.

All of the links listed above can bring your page rank up. When you are done with your balance of links, enjoy your success. You did ask for a balance, and you received it. Use these links to increase your visibility and your search engine ranking. Patience has seemed to have a guarantee in SEO. All things will work out well.



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